Our thoughts on Trail Building

Our thoughts on Trail Building

Mountain bike trail building is the process of designing, constructing, and maintaining trails specifically for mountain biking. Building a mountain bike trail involves careful planning, including consideration of the terrain, desired difficulty level, and the intended use of the trail. The process typically involves a team of volunteers or professional trail builders, who work together to create a safe and enjoyable trail for every level of mountain biker. 

The first step in building a mountain bike trail is to conduct a thorough site assessment, which includes evaluating the terrain, identifying hazards, and determining the best route for the trail. Once the route is identified, You can flag the trail and begin the construction process. We typically clear vegetation, remove the necessary rocks ,debris, roots, and start roughing in features such as jumps, berms, and other features. 

During the construction process we always like to ensure that the trail is designed to be sustainable and environmentally responsible. This includes minimizing erosion, preserving natural features, and avoiding sensitive areas such as wetlands or wildlife habitats as much as possible.

Once the trail is constructed, ongoing maintenance is always required to keep the trail safe and enjoyable for riders. This includes regular inspections, repairs, and upkeep such as clearing fallen trees or repairing erosion damage.

Overall, mountain bike trail building requires a combination of technical skill, creativity, and a passion for mountain biking. It's an extremely rewarding process and allows riders to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while challenging themselves and progressing their skills.  

Keep an eye out here on our website or social media for opportunities to join us for various dig days throughout the season. 


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